Peut-etre (sans doute!) le meilleur phare pour dynamo disponible sur le marché. Légère, puissante et efficace.

Interrupteur magnétique, permettant une imperméabilisation complète du phare.

Faisceau homogène, large et long, pour une illumination de la route sécurisante meme à vitesse élevée.

Un condensateur permet à la lampe de rester allumée quelques minutes après que le vélo soit arreté.

Concu pour etre utilisé en combinaison avec un moyeu dynamo ou une dynamo de jante de type Velogical.

Trois positions: éteint, allumé, et automatique, le phare s'allumant lorsque la luminosité décrit (nuit, tunnel, ombre...).



Le problème avec le phare Edelux, c'est que lorsqu'on y a gouté, onpeut difficilement imaginer rouler de nuit avec autre chose. La seule exception à cette règle: le phare Edelux II, encore meilleur!



Edelux is the result of consistent optimization

The basic concept of the proven and popular halogen headlamp E6 was to transform the hub dynamo power steadily and efficiently into useable light. The Edelux is the consequent development of the E6 with the potential capacitity of white high-performance LEDs. All options concerning the efficiency of LED technology, cooling and of optics have been utilized. The Edelux was designed to match the round shape of the new SONdelux but it also works with any other popular hub dynamo.


The Edelux benefits from the IQ-Tec offset reflector by Busch & Müller. In contrast to conventional headlight lenses it reflects a very high proportion of the light emitted from the LED and provides a wide and even brightly lit road. The well defined light/dark boundary at the front edge prevents glaring of oncoming cyclists. With fog, less upward scattered light causes less indirect glare for oneself. The black ring around the edge of the reflector prevents direct glare, when the headlight is mounted in your own field of vision. Precise adjustment of each LED and testing every headlamp ensure consistent quality. The anti-reflective coating glass is scratch-resistant and allows 6% more light to pass than a plastic disk.

Light distribution in comparison:
Wall projection Edelux and halogen headlights E6 at 2.4 watts

Heat Dissipation/ Mechanics/ Electrics

Efficiency and lifetime of an LED primarily depend on their cooling. Therefore, the LED is fitted directly on a solid copper heat sink, which in turn transfers the heat to the aluminum case. At high speed, excellent cooling ensures 20% more light output than conventional LED headlights with LEDs, that sometimes produce more than 100 º C.
The entire interior of the headlamp (including switching contact) is protected by an O-ring against the ingress of moisture and dirt. Electrical contacts are soldered and sealed. The magnetic switch ring with a big nose is indestructible, doesn't rattle and allows "blind" switching even with thick gloves. With the sensor positioned switch the light turns on automatically at dusk, without being influenced by street lamps or car headlights. The robust, low-loss coaxial cable bears even rough conditions.


Like the reflector mirror the switching regulator of Edelux also is by B & M. It prepares the electrical power of the hub dynamo with little loss for the light emitting diode. Even very fast rides do not damage the LED due to low-loss. Likewise, the voltage is limited at the switched output to not overload the rear light. A maintenance-free double-layer capacitor provides up to 4 minutes light after a stop.

Range of Products valid as of 1.10.2012 (Prices for Germany)

Illuminance of different lights, depending on the speed of operation of SON 28 with attached tail light

Technical Data

Light Source: 2.4/ 3 Watt high-performance LED (>100 lm/W)
German Mark of Conformity: ~~~ K 607
Feed Cable: Coaxial cable, PVC-free, 3 mm in diameter,
Cable length 60 cm, ready for SON,
alternatively 140 cm with seperate terminals
Connection for Rear Light: 2.8 mm blade connector and eyelet terminal (enclosed)
Switch: Switch ring with magnet, reed-contact
Functions: Automatic light sensor and capacitor stand light
Seal: O-ring
Body: 6082 T6 aluminium, polished or anodized black or red
Weight: 85 g
Warranty: 5 years


As taillight we recommend connecting a diode rear light with stand light.


SON Edelux II
Noir  x€ 141,00
Poli  x€ 141,00
Rouge  x€ 151,50